Boosting Security

School Safety

How to Guarantee Site, Staff & Pupil Safety with Simple Renovations/Improvements

With the many recent incidents around school premises involving everything from arson and vandalism to trespassing, breaking and entering, it is no wonder that many parents are keen to see better security measures put in place in around primary and secondary schools.

Even extreme news from around the world involving many incidents of gun-related violence have many parents worried for the safety of their children as a result.

When looking at potential schools to send their children to, parents will assess a number of things; not only is it about grades, but also teaching ability, school facilities, security measures and extracurricular activities. By ensuring that security is on top form at your school or educational institute, you have a much better chance of attracting interest from a number of parents. School safety tips for teachers.


By installing fencing around your premises you can not only prevent intruders from entering the premises, you can also prevent students from leaving without authorisation. There are many different types of fencing that you can install in and around your property, whether you decide to choose chain link fencing, steel palisade fencing or ridged mesh fencing; having something in the form of a barrier will reduce the chance of any criminal activity. Click here for the best fencing materials from a trusted supplier in Brisbane.


When people see CCTV systems around properties, they usually won’t target them due to the risk of being caught. It can be used to deter many crimes such as vandalism, breaking and entering, theft, as well as preventing misbehaviour from students within the school. Find out more.

Bullying, smoking and drug taking can be reduced or eliminated, due to the monitoring of more enclosed areas. CCTV can also help members of staff to feel more secure, especially as winter approaches and the mornings and evenings are much darker.

Be Observant

For many schools, a simple glance from members of staff around can make all the difference when it comes to security. By placing a teacher or member of staff on duty at lunch times and breaks can deter many intruders from trying to enter the premises or building.

You should also encourage communication between students and staff to ensure a level of trust. If a student sees any unusual behaviour they should report it immediately to a member of staff, so that they can assess the situation.

Lock Up Correctly

You should ensure that the property is properly locked up at the end of the school day to reduce the risk of a break in. whether you have a rota system between members of staff or if it is the cleaner’s job to lock up, you should ensure that there is a set of tasks that need to be included in securing the premises. You should also try to, where possible, ensure that no one member of staff is left in the building alone, in case of an emergency.