Cleaning your carpet without using toxic chemicals

order ivermectin over the counter It is a known fact that there are toxic chemicals almost everywhere around us.

order Pregabalin online uk They even exist in our homes. This is mainly due to their presence in cleaning products and harmful detergents. They even exist in paints, toiletry products and building materials. Find out more.

Tonekābon Some of the deodorants, air fresheners and household cleaners that are generally used in many homes, can cause eye, throat or nasal irritations and sometimes even dizziness and headaches.

Non-Toxic Cleaning For Your Carpet

Limiting the use of products that contain toxic chemicals is definitely the way forward and here is how you can do this when it comes to carpet cleaning.

  • Keep carpets clean with regular vacuuming (at least 3 times a week) – daily vacuuming using a powerful vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter would be the ideal scenario. Buy yours here.
  • Vacuuming under furniture, along walls and in corners is often neglected but it ensures a cleaner carpet and improved air quality.
  • As an alternative to using carpet powders, try using baking soda (it is great for absorbing odours on its own but combined with your favourite essential oil or crushed flowers it can also have an added fragrance).
  • Deal with stains as soon as possible  and instead of commercial stain removers, use household products such club soda (for red wine stains), ice cubes to harden candle wax or gum (making them easier to scrape off). There are many non-toxic domestic products to use for carpet stain removal and they are inexpensive as well as being kind to you and the environment.
  • Every six to twelve months, hire a company to clean your carpets. Using the latest and innovative products means non-toxic cleaning for all clients. Always ask your chosen company about their non-toxic products.