No Hot Water from Taps? We Have the Solution for You

Kitchen taps

Properties often experience no hot water from their taps or shower and this could be due to many reasons. First of all, we recommend you following the guide below to see if the issue can be easily fixed, if not, you should contact a plumber as soon as possible.

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Experiencing problems with your hot water? Please follow our tips below:

The most common problem causing no hot water is the following:

  • Is the boiler switched off?

Check the boilers main on/off switch is turned on, and that the boiler is switched on at the power socket.

  • Is the tap being run too fast?

With combination boilers, the slower the running water, the hotter it is.  You must also make sure that only one hot tap is used at a time, or the performance will be degraded.

Most combination boilers or modern traditional boilers have a pressure gauge.

  • The pressure should be around 1.5 bar on the gauge

If not, turn the boiler off and refill using the filling assembly either below the boiler or it may be built into the underneath of the boiler.  Refill to 1.5 bar, turn off the filling assembly and then proceed to turn the boiler back on.  It should now fire when a hot tap is opened.

If so has the cylinder been on long enough to heat up?  It takes between 30 and 240 minutes to re-heat the cylinder, subject to cylinder size and system design.