Take care of your upholstery properly

Domestic upholstery is a crucial part of home interior design whether you mean a minimalist dining room, a lovely Baroque bedroom or a posh living room. Seats are as important as decorative and other functional furniture (tables and storing sets). They are all collaborating and when a part of the interior is dirty, wasted or looks too old, the entire view fails! Find out more: Upholstery

So maintaining the upholstery at home becomes a really harsh and essential household chore. It requires constant daily cares and occasional refreshment – deeper cleaning and eco-friendly approach.

Take a look at the following cleaning tips and start taking care of your upholstery properly! Extend the life of furniture seats at home and preserve the amazing look of your living environment:

Vacuum the upholstery regularly! Don’t forget to include the cushions and extra additional covers in hovering task, too! They bring dust and carry grime, too!


Use a hot water extraction method only if the upholstery can actually take it without shrinking or colour loosening!

Remove pet hairs daily. Find a special brush for the purpose and wipe down the upholstery, while you are watching TV in the evenings! It won’t even make you sweat! According to the position of your home upholstery try to provide less sunlight for it! If the sun comes upon the seats directly, protect them with blinds or curtains.

Try not to place the upholstery above carpets or rugs. It will cause carpet “ghosts”. Anytime you will have to remove something, some damages to the upholstery may follow!

When you buy new element to your upholstery set, collect all of the needed information for the necessary cleaning, protective measures and ways for maintaining treatment! Consider using the Scotchgard Protector to extend the life of your beautiful upholstery, if it is delicate, fine or 100% natural.

Select a season and use professional cleaning services for deep upholstery cleaning during this period! Brightaire Property Services are based in Sunshine Coast and show that they care for carpets in all aspects. They include routine checks and take time to visit and study your carpet in order to put forward their recommendation for the best cleaning method for your carpet type.