Where does your waste end up?

A local resident has been fined £750 as their old furniture was found fly-tipped near a local park. The fly-tipping incident was reported by dog-walkers who noticed the rubbish was spread across the grass area where children, families and dogs play.

Environmental enforcement officers then discovered items identifying the address where the waste had come from and the householder accepted the fine. They also said ‘very little’ of the dumped waste could have been recycled anyway. Laws here.

This is often the result of not choosing a rubbish clearance company that is approved by the Environmental Agency. A company that is reputable will take all the necessary steps to ensure the waste has been disposed of in a manner that complies with the law, as well as recycling all items where possible. Visit this website for council approved waste removal in Berkshire.

For example, ask them for their Environmental number and check this against the Government’s documents.

You are responsible for where your waste ends up, which is why you must complete the necessary checks when calling a waste clearance agency. Doing this will prevent your rubbish from ending up where it shouldn’t be.

To re-use or recycle your clothes / household items?

I’ve found when I’m trying to reorganise my clothes that the three piles rule works best, Keep, Wash, Throw.

Get everything out, try things on, if you love it and it fits keep it, if you aren’t sure then store it away for 6 months and if in that 6 months you don’t think of it or go to dig it out then get rid of it. Reasons here.

If you also find it tough to clear out there’s an added incentive. You see ads all the time for companies buying old CD’s, DVD’s etc but there are also companies that recycle clothes. If you don’t have the patience for auctioning off your stuff and are planning on throwing it out anyway then why not make a little extra cash in the process? Find out more.

The best thing is if you’re selling 25+ items (which let’s face it is easily done when clearing out old clothing) they’ll send a courier free of charge to collect it all!