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Housing market healthcheck

Recovery under way, but who pays?

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Children in need

Evidence the care system is inflicting serious damage

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Shaun Spiers

Shaun Spiers

House buying was
spurred on by a belief
in effortless riches

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Open for business

But for how long? Steve Hynes reports on a South West London law centre facing an uncertain future, despite its success in saving clients from homelessness

In from the cold

The death of a woman on the streets of Paris during one of the harshest winters on record led to France outlawing evictions during the winter. Kathleen Griffin reports

Into the breach

The church has always been willing to help people the state doesn’t reach. But that shouldn’t be used by government as an excuse to withdraw welfare support. David Walker, Bishop of Dudley, talks to Rachael Claye


Muddying the waters

Progress has been made in improving private renting, but recent government measures could undo the gains . By Vincenzo Rampullo

Mind over matters

Housing lawyers are up in arms about legal aid contracts – but other changes could have just as big an impact, argues Simon Pugh

One small step…

But hardly a giant leap. A Treasury paper on how to tempt institutional investors into private renting should be bolder, says Martin Partington

Good for the country?

The house buying frenzy was spurred on by a belief in effortless riches – until it all came crashing down. By Shaun Spiers