Smartest offices in London

London office blocks that SHINE 240 Blackfriars The start of modern working is here at 240 Blackfriars, where the Mobile working tend is being utilised to the full. Rather than having desks which are available. The buildings response to provide the best working place possible is an interactive and responsive method. With hot lockers with […]

The Renovating your Home

Whether you are renovating or remodelling your home, it can be much cheaper to plan every element of your home’s transformation rather than not having any idea at all. Furthermore, renovating will increase the house price of your property. Here are the three best ways to increase this: Loft Conversions A loft conversion requires a […]

Garden Design Services

Gardeners & Garden Design Whatever the size and shape of your garden, good design will make the most of it. Apart from looking good and being a pleasure to use, an attractive garden will also really enhance the value and saleability of your property. A building society survey found that buyers rated the garden second […]

Have you ever thought about building downwards?

Basement Extensions When people think of expanding the space in their homes, most think of building upwards with an attic extension or conversion. Many don’t even think about building below with a basement conversion. However, digging down into the cellar or basement, you can create an additional floor running the entire length of your house, […]

Take care of your upholstery properly

Domestic upholstery is a crucial part of home interior design whether you mean a minimalist dining room, a lovely Baroque bedroom or a posh living room. Seats are as important as decorative and other functional furniture (tables and storing sets). They are all collaborating and when a part of the interior is dirty, wasted or […]

Warm Front & Shades and blinds

Shades and blinds Shades and blinds are really useful whether you need them for residential or commercial purposes. There are a variety of things you can use to enhance the looks of your home or commercial property and installing shade is a great way of doing so. Shades you may want for your commercial or […]

Transform your Garage with a Modern Conversion

Garage Conversions Transform your garage space.  A garage conversion or renovation can prove to be a cost effective way to extend your home, create much needed space and increase your property value. If you plan to extend in the future, but don’t have the resources for a full extension then a garage or loft conversion […]

Luxury Modern Fitted Kitchens

Fitted Kitchens Supplied With Appliances Why not rejuvenate your tired old kitchen with a fully fitted kitchen with appliances? Fresh and modern kitchens can add value to your home and create a fantastic living space. Our fitted kitchens include some of the finest appliances and fittings available. Builders can advise you on the best options […]

Add space to your home with a loft conversion or extension

House Extensions House extensions are a popular way to increase the value of your home or create that much needed space for your family. They are also great at adding value to your home. Our team can supply practical building solutions for modern day life. We will install new designer kitchens and modern bathroom suites […]

Cleaning your carpet without using toxic chemicals

It is a known fact that there are toxic chemicals almost everywhere around us. They even exist in our homes. This is mainly due to their presence in cleaning products and harmful detergents. They even exist in paints, toiletry products and building materials. Find out more. Some of the deodorants, air fresheners and household cleaners […]