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Power of place

Published 12 May 2023

Sir Paul McCartney on what home means to him

For me the word ‘home’ is one that conjures up so many emotions. My own earliest memories are filled with a warmth and security that come from a good family environment.

The word can also conjure up not so pleasant memories – friction, arguments, the sadness of growing up and for parents, just trying to keep a family together. But these memories fade as time goes by...

Home is a place to return to, set off from, tell your tales in, air your grievances in, to share your joy in. It means different things to each one of us but for me the warmth and strength of my home is always foremost ‘no matter where I roam’.

My daughter Mary is one of the contributors to this book of photographs, UK at Home. When I think of home, I naturally have memories of her and the many precious moments we’ve spent together – and now she is following in the footsteps of her Mum and taking beautiful pictures.

Although I know people who were unlucky when they were growing up not to have had a good home life, many have escaped the trap and made good homes for themselves.

Growing up in Liverpool, my formative years were filled with family, uncles and aunts, friends circulating through our house and making it a warm place to be.

Later, when I travelled abroad, it was always rewarding to come home and switch off, knowing that my family would completely understand and welcome me back.

I hope that everyone’s memories of home in the future will become special and reassuring.

Home is where the heart is. It’s the best place to be.

Images and text from UK at Home, A Celebration of Where We Live and Love, published on 17 April by Duncan Baird (£20)