How commercial waste clearances help offices

How commercial waste clearances help offices

What is commercial waste?

Business waste is one of the most common types of waste across the UK.

It is similar to regular household waste but is the term given to any waste that is produced by the business.

Common types of commercial waste include:

  • Papers and documents
  • Unwanted food
  • Company office equipment

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All companies have commercial waste, but some may produce more waste than others.

There are ways company waste can be reduced in ways that benefit the business and makes the working experience simpler for all the employees.

Clearance services

Companies that have regular waste clearance services benefit from having a clean office and that is cleaned by professionals so they can focus on performing their work.

Clearance services are ideal for any office regardless of its size.

Commercial waste requires a lot of upkeep and instead of having different employees be in charge of the waste removal.

There are experienced commercial waste services that can take care of any company’s commercial waste.

Rubbish Clearance Limited has provided many businesses with effective commercial waste clearance services that reduce the workload and stress for businesses across the UK.

Their commercial waste clearance includes removing all unwanted rubbish, electrical items and other appliances that the office no longer needs.

Instead of worrying about how to do a commercial waste clearance, leave it to the experts who have been making many businesses pleased with their results for over two decades.

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Reduce, reuse and recycle

Encouraging employees to reduce, reuse and recycle while at work not only reduces the amount of commercial waste, but it also shows that the company is doing their part to be more eco-friendly.

Similar to how households are being encouraged to be more eco-friendly at home, it also helps to encourage them to do their part while in the office.


  • Encourage companies not to print documents unless needed
  • Get rid of disposable cutlery and cups to minimise the amount of waste


  • Reuse envelopes for the outgoing post
  • Encourage electronic note-taking