Why do homeowners choose a zinc roof?

Why do homeowners choose a zinc roof?

Getting a new roof installed

Homeowners who are in the market for a new roof have their criteria in mind when deciding on which material to use:

  • Can I get it in different colours?
  • How can I personalise my roof?
  • Will it be hard for me to maintain?
  • Will it have me stand out from my neighbours?

Zinc roofs are popular because they can fulfil the needs of every customer – even ones that have very specific criteria in mind.

Regardless of the type of property that you live in, a zinc roof can make any home look lavish and different from any other home.

It takes care of itself

You will never have to worry about maintaining the roof! Zinc roofs are self-cleaning and will even be able to heal the smallest scratch that shows up.

Unlike wood and metal roofs, they also have a patina– a protective layer that forms to block any moisture of chemicals it is exposed to.

Makes your home stand out

Instead of looking similar to the neighbouring houses, zinc roofs can have any home stand out and can have any home looking as unconventional as they would like. 

Zinc roofs not only have different shapes, but their different colours provide them with another way to look distinctive in the homeowner’s street.

ELC Roofing is a company that is known for the different zinc roof colours that they provide to their clients.

  • Azengar
  • Quartz-Zinc
  • Anthra-Zinc
  • Pigmento Red
  • Pigmento Brown
  • Pigmento Green
  • Pigmento Blue

View all colours here.

Zinc roofs are ideal for those that want to stand out and not have their house look the same as their neighbours.

Your new roof can be made to suit you

It doesn’t matter what type of way you want your roof to look like! Zinc roofs are made from flexible materials which means the roof can be transformed into any shape.

Anyone who wants a taller roof, or one that is curvier will be able to make their dream roof a reality.

Why would a zinc roof be great for me?

If you have any queries about zinc roofs, get in contact with us and we will be able to help you with all the advice and information that will help you.